Moon Knight

This is a sketch of Moon Knight I did tonight at work. I had originally meant to ink it, but the pencil work became a little too frenetic for me even to try. I like the basic layout of the piece, but it shows where I need to do a lot of work. For example, I need to do a lot of work on my cloth folds. It’s something I’ve been aware of for quite a while, but I’ve never gotten around to doing it, and I think it shows. I did like how the smoke turned out, though. I used a paper towel, to smear it, and it made a nice ashy grey. If I had known I’d have been doing this as a pencil piece, I probably would have brought a blending stump, but like I said the piece kind of took a life of its own.

Another area that I found really hard tonight, and never really got to a point I liked, were his feet. I think they’re a bit to small for the body.

I definitely want to work some more on my comic book style art. It’s okay for an amateur,  but I want to push it to a more serious level. I’ll probably try to do some more of that on a weekly basis.


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